Bruges - Travel information

Langerei 75, 8000 Bruges

It is located a 2-4 minute walk from the bus stop Langerei on buses 4, 14, or 42. There is also a FREE city Centrumshuttle* from the train station every twenty minutes from 7:20am until 7pm. The shuttle or bus take 15-20 minutes from the K&R area outside the station. The shuttle schedule is not listed on Goggle maps but is included below.

There is some (expensive) street parking near the location, but Coiseaukaai offers free parking and it is the Northernmost end of the shuttle service - so you can park for free and take the shuttle to Calvary or Langerei.  Parking at t’Zand garage costs 15,80 for a day and taking the shuttle is simple from there. As with all travel - please allow for 20 min extra in case connections do not run smoothly.