Project finalized

Improved accommodations at Dhamma Pajjota: better accessibility and more comfort for many years to come

Early in 2016 Dhamma Pajjota’s student accommodation building got a much-needed makeover. Between January and May no ten-day courses were held, making it possible for a team of professional builders and dedicated old students to complete the project.

The renovation was necessary to extend the life of the building, and also vastly increases the level of comfort for students. Sanitary facilities and heating systems were modernised and expanded, electricity renewed, a room on the ground floor was made wheel chair friendly, new flooring was installed, and everything got a fresh coat of paint.

Thanks to the collaboration of old students and professionals, the job was finished within the €420,000 budget on time in 5 months. Many old students helped kick off the project by clearing everything out of the building for the renovation work to begin. During the actual work, many more helped  to install the new facilities. The practical support of old students was invaluable for the centre, and also offered the students an outstanding opportunity to serve in Dhamma.

For details regarding financial support, please go to the donations page for old students.