In july 2020 the centre existed 20 years.

Here you can watch a slideshow about some highlights and changes during these years.

Past projects included:

Many improvements, large and small, have been made to the centre over the last 20 years. Below are listed just a few of the most visible and radical changes.

  • 2000-2001 To get the centre up and running, an old chapel is converted into a meditation hall,  and an outdoor staircase is added to the accommodation building.
  • 2004 A natural sewage water treatment system is installed in the meadow 
  • 2006 The new meditation hall and cell complex are constructed, totally changing the character of the centre
  • 2008-2010 An unused building is rebuilt into a residence for male students and servers (MA)  
  • 2011 The teachers’ residences, including the interview room are constructed in the middle of the campus
  • 2013 The former Dhamma hall is rebuilt and converted into a discourse room
  • 2014 An upper floor is added to the office building, providing quarters for female servers
  • 2015 the former campgrounds across the road from the centre (Driepaal 8) is purchased; male servers’ quarters in the office building are reconstructed
  • 2016 the centre closes for several months for a complete renovation of the main accommodation building
  • 2019 Quarters for long-term servers are built at Driepaal 8

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Questions and answers about construction works

A Brief History

2000-2020 highlights and changes.