How to help

This project depends on the work and financial support of old students. Have you previously completed a ten-day course in our tradition? If so, then we consider you an old student, and welcome your assistance.

Do you want to support financially right away?

Even though the bulk of the costs of the project construction, engineering and architects fees for in total 3 million euros are covered in the short term by old-student donations and loans, extra donations of about €350,000 are also needed to pay for a host of additional related expenses. Your help would be very much appreciated.

Below is an overview of the expenses that still need to be covered:


In the longer term, many loans will have to be repaid, including bank loans on which interest is accruing. Recurring donations are a very helpful way to help to lighten this load.

More information on financial support can be found here. This page is for old students, so you need to log in with username and password. You can also contact [email protected] if you have questions.

How can you help?

Support financially and/or do you want to get involved?


Questions and answers about construction works

A Brief History

2000-2020 highlights and changes.